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Our Lawyer team focuses on all aspects of domestic law, including Divorce, Child Custody, Estate Planning, Asset Protection, and Business Planning for your future.


Deciding if you want to get divorced can be frightening. To ensure your rights are protected in a divorce, it is advisable to consult with an attorney to determine your rights and discuss your options.

Child Custody

Child Custody can be emotional. If you are experiencing a divorce, separation or were never married, we can assist you in getting a court order to protect your custody rights and access to your children.

Trusts & Wills

Whether you die with or without a Last Will and Testament, your estate is subject to the probate process if your assets meet the statutory limits. Who reaps the rewards of your hard-earned assets should be up to you.

Our team of attorneys is ready to provide your family with highly specialized counsel to help you navigate the complex nuances of Nevada law. 

Our Attorneys have extensive experience representing our clients in a wide array of domestic legal matters that range from simple divorce or child custody, to highly complex family law matters.

Meet Our Team

Jones & LoBello’s legal team, headed by John Jones and Michele LoBello, contains some of the brightest legal minds in the Las Vegas area.

John D. Jones, Esq.
Michele LoBello, Esq.
Delwyn E. Webber, Esq.
Estate Planning Chair
Elisabeth S. Flemming, Esq.
Shannon M. Wilson, Esq.

We maintain a reputation for thoughtful, ethical, proactive, and (when necessary) aggressive work on behalf of our clients.

Why do I need an attorney for a premarital agreement?

By Jack J. Salisbury

Prenuptial Agreement If you have decided that a premarital agreement is the right decision for you, it is important that you and your spouse each obtain adequate and independent legal representation. While it is true that you usually do not need an attorney representing you in order to agree to a contract, premarital agreements do … Read more

How to Delete Your Ex From Your Digital Life

By Shannon M. Wilson

Technology and your data privacy may be the last thing on your mind you are getting divorced. With that said, it’s critical to assess your digital footprint and protect your data privacy while going through a breakup. We store all of our personal information on our devices, and people are accessing their exes electronically stored … Read more

Should you get a prenup?

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While every situation is different, it is generally advisable for a couple to enter into a premarital agreement before they get married for many reasons.  Here are the top reasons why you should get a premarital agreement before taking the plunge with your significant other. Schedule a Consultation Taking Inventory An essential part of the … Read more

Text Message Preservation

By Shannon M. Wilson

Message Preservation Why is it important to properly preserve text messages and messaging app content? Text messaging and messaging apps (such as WhatsApp) are one of the most popular ways that people communicate on a daily basis.  Therefore, it’s no surprise that text messages, iMessages and content in popular messaging apps (such as WhatsApp messages) … Read more

Social Media, Texting and Email During a Divorce

By Jack J. Salisbury

Social Media: Cut all ties For many reasons, it is almost always advisable to cut all social media ties with your spouse when you are in the midst of a divorce. This is true for both personal and legal reasons, as removing or blocking your spouse from your social media should help both of you … Read more

Providing legal services to our clients should strike a balance between the client’s objectives, the ability to prevail and the associated costs.

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